Weathered words on cold grey stone;
Lines unspoken for countless years.
Memory of love, forgotten in time,
Cloaked in moss, strangled by vine.
Weed and vermin astir at her feet;
Bramble, nettle, black carrion crow.
Ghosts from the past only visitors here,
The shadow she cast has long disappeared.
Body outlined in rough-hewn rock;
Crucifix crowns her lonely head.
Arms outstretched no one to embrace,
Rain lashes down, tears on her face.
A ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air,
White petal of spring drops in her hair.




2 thoughts on “gravestone

    1. Hello Tokoni. It has been a long time since you posted a comment on my website. I have taken so long to reply that you probably thought I’d fallen beneath my own ‘gravestone’. Now however, a belated thank you for your interest.
      Yes, death is sad, but it does make way for rebirth and renewal and eventually we hope, better world.

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