“Open wide.  Just a small prick.

Nothing to fear from this hypodermic.”


“Shouldn’t he take more care to check?

Can feel the needle out the back of my neck!”


Pain abates, jaw goes numb,

Mouth full of swabs; can’t find my tongue.

Fingers and mirror, I’m gasping for air.

Scaler and suction.  “What else is in there?”

My head’s in a spin, eyes have gone hazy,

This whining drill is driving me crazy.


“Will have to extract old decayed tooth.

No chance of reprieve; it’s become too loose.”


Attempt to protest but checked by a hurdle.

So much in my mouth; can only gurgle.

His assistant, standing not far away,

Hands him forceps from the instrument tray,

But pull as he might, the tooth won’t budge,

My neck extends like a piece of soft fudge.

Release is sudden!  Head jerks back

With instant recoil and a shuddering smack.


“Spit out the blood, rinse away goo.”


“That’s a relief!  Don’t mind if I do.”


Where’d this all come from, it’s surely not mine?

Almost an armful; same colour as wine!


“You’ve been very brave, so let me explain,

There’s a lot more to do; we must see you again.

Please visit the lady at the front desk,

Tell her your name, she’ll do the rest.”


I shuffle there slowly, put on a brave face,

Displaying weakness would be a disgrace.

Kindly, she smiles and hands me the bill,

One horrified glance, and I need a pill.

I offer my card, which emits a sad beep,

My legs start to tremble, knees go weak.

What she says next, I don’t want to hear,

So attempt a swift exit out of blind fear.

But not that easy will I get away

Before heeding the words she’s programed to say.


“Confirm next appointment before you depart.

This isn’t the end, it’s only the start!”


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